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Why me? [Het Avey Chea Khnom]

Why me? [Het Avey Chea Khnom]

"Why Me?" A story that reflects the reality in today's society. Contact 1280 toll free for more support Join all visitors !! πŸ‘πŸŽ‰ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R-frV5EVxaY

Khmer Movie
Hong Suy

Hong Suy

"The Origin of Feng Shui" is an educational short film that reflects the current social landscape that is exploding the attention of viewers on social media. Facebook will have millions of views. The short film

Kro Lor Ey Ning II / Jar 2

After a group of students were ghosted throughout the school and they found all the ways to get the ghost back into the fold, fortunately they were able to pull the female ghost back into

Bong Kol Krak Songkot Vichean

20 years ago, there was an old bridge and people alway walked a cros it everyday one day ghost have return Enjoy your break time with us for Khmer dubbed movie and drama, hope you

Neay Kwak Neay Kwin Chlong Phub

It has been noted that it reflects a lot of disabled people's lives, with producers claiming to be the first thing it does to encourage people with disabilities in Cambodia. Enjoy your break time with

Kompul Nak Som Tean Chob Sne

Kren: "Top Beggars Meet Love" doesn't teach more people to beg. Enjoy your break time with us for Khmer dubbed movie and drama, hope you enjoy and give us thumb up and share to your

Bokator Jomlaek

For the hatred of man from father to son, even with their villages, is divided against them. That's why one day they decided to play bokator.

The Torment Of Ghost

Sovann is presently a tycoon, married to Nita. He runs many dirty businesses until he gets this wealthy, including drug dealings. His confidant-cousin, Chet, works hard for Sovann, with four bodyguards. Yet, Sovann abuses Chet’s


Enjoy your break time with us for Khmer dubbed movie and drama, hope you enjoy and give us thumb up and share to your friends. Thanks you! Chantrea

Sosor Konlong

Making the most of a horror film or a haunting movie requires a well-deserved ghost figure, so what should a producer do? Well decorate those ghosts and locations of horror.

Komnot Heat Neang Neath

Directed by Channa Ronan, the story revolves around a group of youngsters who acquired a piece of note belonging to one `Neang Neath`. Now the group is set to find out the truth about what

Devil Draw

Official Channel : RED PICTURETitle: Devil DrawDirector: Sovanndara Diep-------------------------------------------------------Subscriber : http://bit.ly/2u3olKI-------------------------------------------------------Copyright (C) 2019 RED PICTURE.Just helping for like click button and helping sharing my video also and do not forget to subscribe my channel as

Delivery Online

Horror movie of one online shop with her delivery man.

The Effigy Official Horror movie

Best horror movie in Asia. We hope you enjoy watching it. In this movie, you will see a lot of effigies people made to place in front of their houses. It's their belief that effigies

Kom Pol Lngong Nov Asia

Best dummy in Asia of two brother, Pekmi and Krern

Akok Achrova

Akok and Arva are siblings (mother of three has two children). He was orphaned when he was 5 years old. He lives with his mother, and they have nothing to do with it but tramping

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