Hong Suy

“The Origin of Feng Shui” is an educational short film that reflects the current social landscape that is exploding the attention of viewers on social media. Facebook will have millions of views.

The short film “Capturing Feng Shui” is exploding during the traditional Chinese-Vietnamese New Year, which is often associated with good fortune and happiness. Business comes from relatives who have passed away. Written and directed by Kuon Nochetra, also known as Mizter Roy, it reflects the reckless celebration that the old saying goes “Celebrate the new moon” Do not wait for your parents to die and then celebrate.

In this story, four siblings are arguing over the hijacking of hong shui from a deceased mother. Gone, but when the mother is still alive, everyone does not worry, take care, worry, take care, even the delicious food no one remembers To the rich man, until he passed away, everyone brought an offering in front of the overflowing tomb.

A 9-minute educational story to let all children know that our mother and father are the only ones who should celebrate Life is better to see, hear and touch than when his parents passed away and he tried to celebrate because he could not see at that time No more hearing. Therefore, let all children celebrate the new moon, do not wait for the dark to see and do it.

It should be noted that Ms. Kuon Nochetra, also known as Mizter Roy, is not only a screenwriter, she is also a producer, director, sports director and director. Take photos at big events as well. In addition, he also produces many educational short stories such as Lies, The Poor, Part 1, Part 2, The Legacy of February 14, Mother’s Valentine Day, which are all Get a lot of support as well.

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