Ptah Chinh Choem Khmoch [ Oma the Demonic ] 2022

Fiona invested energy with Oma (grandma) as a kid, however Fiona has not seen Oma for quite a while due to the contention between her mom and Oma since her dad kicked the bucket. She has bad dreams of a lady who appears to give a message to visit Oma’s home. Fiona keeps on being upset by evil presences lastly goes to search for Oma’s home, joined by two of her companions, Luna and Jeff. At the point when they head and show up at Oma’s home, strange things occur. The circumstance gets alarming when numerous odd things occur at Oma’s home until they figure out what occurred, and incidentally, the existences of Fiona and her companions are involved.

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Ptah Chinh Choem Khmoch [ Oma the Demonic ] 2022 – Watch 123 Movie